Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pentel Sharp Kerry

There are many things, both good and bad, that I would like to say about this pencil. At first glance, the Pentel Sharp Kerry is a great piece of artwork. The slight silver parts appeal to the blue, and both colors draw the eye all the way to the other. That's what made me want to get this pencil. During the first "honeymoon" testing phase, the pencil was awesome. It could write very thin letters (this pencil is 0.5mm), and would prevent lead breakage since there was a cap that covers the lead sleeve. The cap fits onto the back end of the pencil to complete the length of the pencil. When closed, the pencil is about 12.5cm, and about 13cm when the cap is put onto the back.
After using it for a while, I started to face some problems. The eraser is so small, I'm afraid that it will disappear if I use it. The body of the pencil is made of metal, which is probably what puts this higher up in Pentel's premier pencil line. The problem is that the grip (actually, there is no grip) tends to get slippery after prolonged use. Being a heavy note-taker, I can't help but think that it's a waste that such a good pencil has failed for me because of the lack of a grip. There is something that resembles the grip, which is the chrome accent that is located between the main grip area and the cap during its writing formation. That may have been intended as a grip because it has a diamond-cut grip design, but only for people with very large hands, for who I would not recommend this pencil due to its overall small design. Overall, I think that this pencil is good for people who need a good quality pencil for light note-taking, but definitely not for those who plan to use it as an everyday task-to-task pencil.

Optime! (Good!): Special two-part design, made entirely out of metal, protects well against lead breakage.

Minime...(No/Bad): Grip? What grip?, grip area gets slippery after heavy use

Recommend?: No.


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